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How can I reserve?

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

If you need to modify an already confirmed reservation you should directly contact our Reservation Center in order to do any change. If there is availability for new dates or to include more persons, they immediately confirm you your new details.

In order to cancel a reservation made through or by phone you can directly contact our Reservation Center or log in your RIU account and cancel it. You must remember to check your confirmation document and check the cancellation politics and the dateline to make it without penalties.


RIU Montego offers you the best tools for reserve your vacations:

  • Directly through the Reservations link
  • Contacting us by phone. You will find the number in our homepage
  • Using your mobile phone.

RIU Montego offers its clients the easiest way to reserve, that’s why you will find the same rates and availability using one method or the other. If you already have a reservation made and you find a lower price, you can modify your reservation by contacting us. We will be able to change it if the hotel has availability for the same room and dates you booked. If you need any further information, please contact our Call Center.

Rates can’t be modified when the reservations has been made through travel agencies, because they have their own contracts. RIU Montego guarantee you the best online rates.

Rates and offers published in are based for reservations in double rooms for 2 adults. The prices are always based per person/night but in some hotels the prices are per room/night. When you book for only one person the system applies the basic price and in some cases it can be higher than the double room rate. If you need any further information, please contact our Call Center.

RIU offers easy payment methods, in the last step you’ll find the method of payments available for each destination: Pay at the front desk: Most of our hotels allow you to pay your reservation in cash or with a credit card on the arrival day. We will request a credit card number to guarantee your booking. Online payment: We also accept different type of credit and debit cards. The payment will be made in the date specified on the last step of your reservation. You will also find the terms and conditions on the confirmation document that you will receive by email or you can contact our Call Center. *Important: If you have chosen to pay via web by card, payment will be made in the currency indicated on the website. If you have chosen to pay directly at reception on arrival, the charge will be held in the local currency of the destination with the change rate of the day. To avoid currency fluctuations, we recommend that you pre-pay your reservation through It is also possible to pay with a card of another person, but it is very important that the owner knows that in case of a no-show or if you do not cancel / modify within the deadlines, the charges will be made on the card provided. To authorize this payment you must complete the form on the last step, cardholder must sign and you will have to take the document to the hotel the day of arrival.
If you already have a room and you want to add another person, you must contact our Call Center in order to modify your reservation and to re-calculate the total amount. The Call Center will be able to modify it if you reserved through our website or directly by phone. If your reservation was made through a travel agency you must contact the agency and request them the changes you need. Once done, you can ask the hotel to assign the rooms close to each one depending on availability. If the extra person arrives at reception without a reservation, he will have to request a room in the hotel with the price of the day. For more information please contact the Call Center.
If you are already in the hotel and you want to extend your stay, you can request it to the receptionists, do a new reservation online or contact the Call Center. We inform you that hotel prices can be different from the web and are subject to availability.
You will find on the web, several offers that change weekly. These deals are subject to availability and have a deadline to reserve. It’s possible that when you check the prices of a hotel, the promotion is no longer available and the web will offer you an alternative date or hotel. We recommend that you contact the Call Center if you think that there might be an error or to reserve your stay through the website to ensure the best price for your next vacation.

Some hotels are not allowed, for security reasons, hosting more than three people in each room. To guarantee you the comfort you deserve, RIU Montego offers you our family hotels with the best services and facilities for children, with spacious rooms, daily activities, shows and sports to guarantee you and your children enjoy your stay.

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